floor signage

Additional signage may be integrated in floor systems since during emergency events, people intuitively look downwards at the floor, even without smoke development. Examples of such markings include stripes, arrows, circles, 'foot steps', as well as floor pictogrammes, which may remain visible under ordinary light conditions. Signage comprises of luminescent aggregates, which can be integrated in common floor systems like terrazzo, gravel- and mortarfloors, as well as self-levelling floors. Use in other floor systems is currently developed.

Photoluminescent materials accumulate light energy under ordinary (day)light conditions, which is released at the onset of darkness. Accordingly, fotoluminescent materials are not radio-active. This process is repetitous, maintenance-free and reliable. Therefore, photoluminescent materials at floor level also known as Low Location Lighting, are prescribed on cruise ships, where very strict safety regulations are imposed. Our products amply comply with DIN 67510 (i.e. luminescence in the dark observed after 10/60 minutes). Signage based on photo-luminescent materials is expected to become mandatory in public buildings as well.

Special features of luminescent floor signage:

  • integrated with common floorapplication methods
  • even & uniform floor surface limits the danger of tripping
  • simple floor cleaning according common methods
  • reliable and autonomous
  • unobtrusive, thus stylish safety blending well with interior decoration
  • extra signage only visible when required
  • enhances evacuation and mitigates panic

Photoluminescent floor signage is available in a number of basic forms (select one of the buttons on the left).