top signage

Photoluminescent ('glow-in-the-dark') signage near top lights are continuously illuminated, which warrants optimum accumulation of light energy. Accordingly such indicators show maximum afterglow upon sudden power failure. The bright afterglow may be experienced at anti-panic light, allowing for orientation during a substantial period of time.
Since photoluminescent top sigange are rather translucent, they appear unnoticed under ordinary light conditions. Hence, additional top signage blend well with interior decoration.

More extended user information (in Dutch) can also be obtained through Light  Clip.

Special features of photoluminescent top signage are:

  • installation in a jiffy (without any major construction)
  • autonomous, maintenance free, and reliable
  • bright afterglow (6x DIN 67510)
  • safe usuage (no sparks, non-toxic)
  • process of light accumulation versus afterglow is practically unlimited repetitious

Photoluminescent top signage is available in a number of basic forms (select one of the buttons on the left).